A set of handy online tools

Speed up your work with text and images!

Have you ever dreamed about doing things really fast? Our Handy Tools will help you perform some repetitive, tedious tasks with a simple click.

Online Text Tools


Deduplicate lines

Paste your text here and remove duplicated lines with one click.

Sort lines

Paste your text here and sort its lines in ascending or descending order.

Cleanup whitespace

Beautifies the text by cleaning up unnecessary spaces and tabs.

Change case

Change your text to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case or Title Case.

Online Image Tools


Detect dominant colors

Online detect five dominant colors of your image.

Read EXIF data

Online read EXIF properties of JPG/TIFF files.

Compare two images

Online compare two image files - with some advanced options.

Make GIF file

Online create GIF animations from static images.

We care about your privacy

We wrote our tools in Javascript. What does it mean? Everything runs on client-side. Your data never leaves your computer. We only gather some anonymous usage data, but we do not have access to your texts and images.